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The Showdown: Hash Rocks vs. Moon Rocks – Which is Better?

Get your bongs ready, because today we are going to be talking about two of the most popular cannabis concentrates there are: hash rocks and moon rocks! And if you are like us, and get overwhelmed with the amount of options that are available in the cannabis market, don’t worry!

We will also be getting into how they are similar, different, how much each cost, and how their effects vary, so you can make an informed decision! So if you want to know all the pros and cons that come to hash rocks or moon rocks, just keep reading!

What are Hash Rocks?

Hash Rocks are a cannabis concentrate that is typically consumed in a pipe or bong. You can also find nearly all types of cannabis components available as hash rocks, including: CBD, THC; Delta – 8, Delta – 9, and THC-O.

Hash Rocks are a type of cannabis concentrate that is made by compressing the trichomes of the cannabis plant into a rock-like shape. The result is an incredibly potent product that can be used to create a variety of edibles, topicals, and other products.

They provide users with an intense and long-lasting high that can last for hours. And are widely popular due to their unique flavor and aroma, making them a crowd favorite among cannabis enthusiasts.

So if you enjoy getting high while chatting with friends or just sitting in your home watching something great on Netflix, you are going to love hash rocks. But there may be a better option. So, what are moon rocks?

Hash Rocks

What are Moon Rocks?

Moon Rocks are a slightly more potent version of hash rocks. They are actually one of the most potent forms of marijuana and it is made by taking cannabis buds and dipping them in hash oil before rolling them in kief.

Kief is basically the terpene residues that you can find in cannabis plants when they are manipulated. The thing with kief is that it has high concentrations of THC and CBD in its powder so when you consume moon rocks, you are basically getting a 2 for 1 deal on your high.

Moon rocks are also typically consumed in a pipe or a bong, due to it’s strong potency. Mixing either of these rocks in with edibles can be dangerous because the dose can be hard to control.

So when trying out THC, CBD, Delta – 8, Delta – 9, or any other form of cannabis concentrate, just remember to take it hit by hit and go easy when starting out. You don’t want to find yourself on the couch knocked out and sent into space. Or maybe you do! It’s really your decision.

Moon Rocks

How Do Hash Rocks and Moon Rocks Compare?

Moon rocks and hash rocks are two of the most popular cannabis concentrates out there.

They are both made from the same plant, but they differ in terms of their production process and the effects they have on users. Moon rocks are created by coating buds with oil and then rolling them in kief, while hash rocks are created by pressing cannabis trichomes into a block.

So basically the difference is that you can get a more potent high from moon rocks. However, because of its potency, you can also find yourself knocked out quite easy.

Moon rocks typically are used to help induce sleep and relaxation, while hash rocks have a more euphoric quality to them. But let’s get a little deeper into what each of these moon rocks have to offer.

Exploring the Different Effects of Hash Rocks and Moon Rocks

Both of these stones typically contain high levels of THC, the psychoactive component in marijuana. They also produce different effects on the user, depending on how they are consumed.

The effects of consuming hash rocks for instance, can vary depending on the type of cannabis used and the potency of the product. Generally, users report feeling relaxed and euphoric after consuming hash rocks. Other effects include increased creativity and focus, improved sleep quality, pain relief, and heightened sensory perceptions.

Cannabis moon rocks are also reported to have similar effects on users, including increased appetite, relaxation, euphoria, and improved sleep. However, consumers have reported that they are much more potent generally than a hash rock.

It’s important to keep in mind that both concentrates can also have some negative effects such as anxiety and paranoia, so it is important to use them responsibly. Additionally, because of their potency they can be more difficult to dose than other types of cannabis products, so keep that in mind.

It is important to educate yourself on the effects before consuming this type of product so you can make an informed decision about whether or not it is right for you. So let’s get into the different potencies.

Comparing the Potency of Hash Rocks and Moon Rocks

Hash rocks and moon rocks are two of the most commonly used forms of marijuana concentrate. And come on guys, if it’s concentrated, it’s stronger. One is stronger than another however, so comparing their potency is important in order to determine which one is best suited for your particular needs.

The potency of Hash and Moon Rocks are very different. To put it into numerical form, Hash Rocks normally have a THC concentration of 15-25%, while a moon rocks can have up to 90% concentrate. So, the difference is huge!

There are some strains that exceed these ranges though (check out Exodus OG for an example). For this reason, many people prefer to use a combination of both concentrates in order to get the desired effect they want.

If you would like to experiment for yourself you could check out our bundle package. Try our sampler and then work your way up!

Exploring the Cost Advantage of Hash Stones Versus Moon Stones

Though moon rocks are typically more expensive than hash rocks, we have a bundle where you can buy both, or get your grams to try them individually for the same price of $15.

Which is a very competitive price considering that hash rocks and moon rocks are typically on the more expensive side when it comes to concentrates.

A gram of Hash rocks in Miami will typically cost you anywhere from $20 to $80 a gram depending on the strain and THC concentration. In comparison to this, a gram of moon rocks will most likely cost you anywhere upwards of $30.

If you’re curious about these products but don’t know if it’s really your speed, you can also request a sample on our website! But, just to get your curiosity going, let’s get into some flavor profiles and compare the actual experience and taste of these concentrates.

Analyzing the Flavor Profiles of Hash Rocks versus Moon Rocks

Some people prefer the flavor and consistency that hash rocks offer over moon rocks because they’re less likely to bring undesirable flavors into your vaporizing experience.

The reason being, that hash rocks are closer in flavor to the actual plant and have a higher concentration of terpenes which give the flower its flavor and smell. Moon Rocks take an industrial process to make and are mixed with oil which unfortunately also has a flavor, so it can come across at the moment of consumption making some user’s experience undesirable.

So, it really is up to you! Do you prefer a less tasty but more potent high? Or would you rather have it taste great and keep it mellow? To help you further, here is a list of all the pros and cons that come with Hash Rocks and Moon Rocks.

The review: Pros and cons

Hash Rocks Moon Rocks
Consumers report it tastes better Consumers report the taste can sometimes be weird
This concentrate is more on the economical side This concentrate is more on the expensive side
You can find more compounds that are made into Hash Rocks The amount of compounds you can get in form of moon rock are limited
They have a more mellow potency They have a higher potency
They are made with terpenes. They include THC oil and keif other than the plant and terpenes.


So, which one was your favorite? Do you think that hash rocks are more your speed? Or do you prefer the more intense side of cannabis with moon rocks?

Which ever you prefer, let us know your experiences below and if you enjoyed this article feel free to share it with your friends!

What are your favorite activities to do after getting a high going with rock concentrates? Let us know in the comment section below and havea great blast off!